What we do

Power Systems Testing

  • AT&C offers high quality and efficient testing, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting services for substations upto 380kV.
  • Our services include:

    • Testing of relays of all types and makes
    • Testing of primary injections, busbars and transformer stability
    • Testing of 132kV, 220kV, 380kV GIS
    • Testing of outdoor switchgears
    • Testing of 13.8kV and 33kV switchgears
    • Performing on-load measurements
    • Testing of ACDBs, DCDBs, auxiliary transformers, NERs and RMUs
    • Smart grounding measurements
    • Providing testing engineers along with world-class test equipment, on a project hire basis

    Fiber Optic Cables Testing

  • We specialize in splicing, termination, testing and commissioning of various types of fiber optic cables, like Underground Cables (UGC), Optical Ground Wire Cables (OPGW), and All Dielectric Self Supporting Cables (ADSS).
  • Our services include:

    • Pre & Post installation testing
    • Splicing of fiber optic cables
    • Termination of fiber optic cables
    • End-to-end testing
    • Fitting of splicing boxes on towers
    • Pilot protection cable testing
    • Pilot telecommunication cable testing

    High Voltage Testing

  • With our mobile testing units, we provide complete on-field high voltage testing services. Our unique services, pertaining to cables and power systems, range from certification testing and equipment life assessment to emergency failure analysis and fault detection.
  • We provide high voltage testing services for switchgears, transformers, power cables rated up to 132kV.
  • Our services include:

    • High Voltage test up to 380kV XLPE cables
    • High voltage test of 132kV GIS, 132 XPLE cables
    • High voltage test of 13.8kV, 33kV switchgears, XPLE cables
    • VLF testing of equipment up to 100kV

    Transmission Line Testing

  • alfanar Testing & Commissioning have the most modern test equipment and machinery to carry out the electrical equipment tests at site for HV and LV transmission lines.
  • Our services include:

    • Tower earthling resistance
    • Measurement of actual line parameters

    Oil Filtration & Treatment

  • AT&C’s specific choice and blend of materials and products ensure the best performance of our equipment in the oil treatment and purification field.
  • Our services include:

    • Vacuum services as well as oil filtration for power transformers, shunt reactors and capacitor banks

    Transformer Testing


    AT&C offers testing and oil treatment services for transformers, shunt reactors and capacitor banks.

    We are fully equipped with the latest equipment necessary to provide these specialized services.

    Our services include:

    • Testing of transformers, shunt reactors and capacitor banks
    • Vacuum services
    • Performing Tan Delta test
    • Performing frequency response measurement
    • OLTC and fan test
    • Our capability of Transformer testing is from 1.5 MVA to 750 MVA

    Generation Equipment Testing

  • AT&C offers testing and commissioning services for various types of power generation systems like gas, diesel, steam, and combined cycle units.
  • Our services include:

    • Testing of rotors, stator & exciter systems
    • Testing of generator protection systems, control panels & DCS
    • Maintenance and major overhauling and rehabilitation service

    Solar PV Testing

  • Right from the testing of the modules, to the testing of the remote control facilities, AT&C is capable to meet the testing & Commissioning requirements of the local regulators.
  • Further to ensure a long term operation of the systems, a through commissioning process is followed. The tests are performed by qualified individuals having knowledge and experience with electrical systems measurements and familiar with the various equipment and systems.
  • Our services include:

    • Test the PV panels (OC voltage test, SC Current test, polarity test, IV curve test and flash mounting test, ….).
    • Solar DC cables test.
    • String combiner box (DC distribution panel) test (Scheme check test, Insulation resistance test, ….)
    • Inverter test (String type, main type) (Hawaie manufacture , Fimer manufacture, Fronius manufacture, …)
    • Inverter transformer especially for PV (3-winding transformer).
    • Ring main unit (GIS type, AIS type).

    Solar System Testing Experts

  • In addition to our services in Solar systems, alfanar supplies testing experts to their clients to satisfy their requirement.
  • Testing Experts:

    • Monitor and witness the commissioning tests and facility performance test and review the procedures for commissioning and testing the facility.
    • Report and monitor the performance of the facility complies with the requirement of the Grid code, international standards and any other applicable laws, requirements and standards
    • Confirm the achievement of the agreed provisions regarding capacity, manufacturer and type of module.
    • Verify the existence of valid certification of the module.
    • Certificate the billing system and its calculation if any.
    • Issue the test verification certificate.
    • Verify mechanical completion and that all the equipment and systems in relation to the facility are in new and clean condition

    Calibration Services

  • alfanar Calibration Laboratory, a SAC, ARAMCO, SEC and ISO 17025 certified establishment, is a well equipped, electrical & electronics and mechanical equipment calibration, repair and maintenance center guaranteeing accurate test results of the equipment calibrated.
  • Our services include:

    • Electrical, Electronics, Mass & Balance, Pressure, Temperature, Force
    • Calibration and repair services
    • Technical asset management
    • Re-calibration reminder services
    • On-demand and On-contract services

    System Loop Checks

    All Calibration and Preventive Maintenance Services include complete control loop testing.The entire control and/or monitoring system of a process, from the Input/process sensing device to the control and monitoring units to the final output device, is checked for proper operation and calibration.

    Maintenance Solutions


    Electrical control and distribution systems are generally complex and expensive assets that need to be effectively maintained so they operate at optimum performance over their serviceable life. To allow your facility to run smoothly, your business or company's electrical infrastructure depends on a reliable internal power delivery and distribution system. alfanar Operation & Maintenance team is providing comprehensive maintenance solutions & operations services and most successful electrical strategies that you can take advantage of.

    Our experienced team manages the provision of electrical infrastructure for complex transmission and distribution upgrades and renewals. We are qualified to work with network and asset owners to deliver the full suite of services for electrical work programs. With our on-site expertise and highly skilled workforce, our services are delivered through a discipline approach where accountability and responsibilities are clearly defined to deliver value-adding services to our clients.

    Our Capabilities:

  • 1) 24x7 operation of high voltage systems for all areas all over the Kingdom
  • 2) Maintenance, upgrading/retrofitting (Engineering, supply, install and commissioning)
    • a. Protection panels with numerous protection schemes, control systems and loose relays (distance, differential, DOC, OC, DEF, EF, Synchro check, A/R, AVR. B/B, B/F, etc..)
    • b. Medium switchgear with different voltage levels (34,22,
    • c. Dry and oil immersed Auxiliary transformers (TTR, Winding resistance, Oil BD, DGA and insulation test)
    • d. Auxiliary Systems, AC, DC, DC chargers, ATS and UPS, DC earth fault trouble shooting
    • e. Diesel generators operation and maintenance

    Preventive Maintenance:

  • AT&C offers this scheduled event and we can provide for periodic service calls (monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually) to clean, adjust, test and calibrate the instruments and control systems throughout a customer’s plant.
  • We supply Qualified Technicians to completely check all the instruments and their associated control/process loops.
  • The benefits of this maintenance program will be assurance of instrument accuracy elimination of most instrument related problems, consistent process control and decrease in process downtime caused by control failure.
  • Technical Training


    Managed by a team of professional training experts, alfanar Training Institute (ATI) provides ample technical training programmes with Basic, Intermediate & Expert levels as well as customized training for Electrical Engineering and Diploma graduates. The institute’s trainers and courses are approved by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) as well as from the various OEM’s in the industry.

    ATI technically trains and qualifies young Saudis/expatriates to meet the market & industry needs in the process contributing to the community growth.

    It provides a bouquet of training programs covering wide topics in Generation, Transmission and Distribution

    Courses Include:

  • Low, Medium, High and Extra High Voltage Switchgear
  • Protection and Control Relays for all Power System Equipment
  • Power & Auxiliary Transformer
  • Motor & Generator
  • DC System
  • SAS IEC 61850
  • Substation Communication System
  • Safety