Our Strength

Our Strength

Project Management

  • At alfanar Testing and Commissioning, we focus on delivering a project on time, to budget and to the highest appropriate level of quality. Upon acceptance to carry out testing and commissioning, our engineers organize frequent meetings with the client in order to determine and implement the suitable techniques and proper time schedules from testing until final commissioning.
  • We are committed to attend to customer requirements and specifications, which are treated with extreme importance. By synergizing latest techniques and software, and most importantly, responsible personnel, AT&C manages resources to the optimum ensuring a quality project delivered on time and within the budget.


  • At AT&C, we are committed to provide our people with the training and assessment that will ensure they reach their own goals. We encourage our people to take every opportunity to better themselves – for the sake of their own career development and enjoyment, and to support in our vision to be the leader.
  • The trained and skilled manpower is one of the best in the region and several of the lead team members are continuously trained by the manufacturers.

Equipment & Assets

  • Our commitment to provide the best solutions to the clients has always been our paramount concern. To enable us in providing the accurate solutions for power station, fiber optic or transformer testing, we use the latest and most reliable and computerized test equipment, sourced from market leaders in order to operate precisely and by reducing the handover time of a project to the client.
  • We have generously invested in our testing and commissioning as well as calibration equipment. Meeting stringent European standards, our assets include state-of-the-art reliable and computerized test equipment.


  • Our quality assurance program is in line with technical, national and international codes. It also complies with construction, safety and environmental norms.
  • Our team's in-depth knowledge, complemented by years of experience and expertise, enables us to offer unsurpassed commitment to quality and attention to detail.


  • Safety always remains a primary concern at AT&C, a key value that is fundamental to our culture. We have a healthy track record and obtained several prestigious 'SAFETY AWARDS' from our valuable clients.
  • We achieve high Safety Standards through the right combination of field procedures, professional attitudes, and dedicated safety staff supplemented with periodical Safety Evaluations during all phases of project executions.


  • AT&C believes in continuously developing and nurturing its team to the bene􀁇t of its clients, the company & the employee himself.
  • AT&C is proud to associate with clients to provide training courses, including on-site training for clients’ engineers on behalf of the international manufacturers on numerical relays & substation equipment in many substations in KSA.